Several years ago I made an attempt to create my own short animation, problem was I only had a friend and myself to make up our animation team and no actual equipment. Luckily my friend studied media at a certain river side university so we knew where to get the equipment; only problem was if you weren’t a student you couldn’t use any of it and if you were a student… you couldn’t use any of it. So thus began an elaborate heist to steal/borrow equipment my friend was rightfully entitled to.
In order get into the campus he’d first enter with his valid student ID and then toss it to me, I’d then slip past security using his ID. I know that doesn’t sound impressive but you got to understand my friend and I don’t even look alike; best description is it would be like Mel Gibson trying to pass off as Danny Glover. After that he’d unlock the window in the stock room, I’d climb in and take what I need. It was some effort, but was it worth it? absolutely not, the only tablets they had was the cheap Wacom Bamboo, I don’t recommend it even if you’re starting out in digital art. Anyway a script and storyboard was as far as I got, but I wanted to share it with readers of my blog… all three of them.



We open with the character select screen for a 2D arcade fighting game. Player 1 highlights the first character box; Aceas. Player 2 highlights a green skinned savage character calledTonka; who resembles Street Fighter’s Blanka. The character select screen explodes and we see the battle stage with Aceas to the left corner and Tonka to the right corner. The game announces “READY!” and then “FIGHT!”
Vir: (off-screen) Yeah! Yeah!
Aceas strikes with his sword and trounces Tonka, sending him from one end of the screen to the next. Orka groans in frustration.
Orka: (off-screen) hey! Give me a chance to use my special!
Aceas halts in the middle of the stage as Tonka jumps up and down, jerking franticly.
Orka: (off-screen) come on! Do the special move already!
Tonka crouches.
Orka: (off-screen) argghhh!! Stand up!
Tonka jumps up and then turns the other direction.
Orka: (off-screen) hit him!
Tonka charges up energy for his special attack and turns towards Aceas.
Orka: (off-screen) ah yeah! You’re gonna get it now!
Tonka releases his special attack, it’s a series of lightning bolts that fall from the top of the screen and strike the ground. Aceas stays standing as the strips of lightning rush past; each and every single one missing him. The lightning comes back from Tonka’s end of the screen and strikes him down instead.
Orka: (off-screen) NNNOOO!
Vir: (off-screen) oh, dude. Look how bad I got it. I got it so bad I’m totally just standing there in disbelief. I think that attack gave me more health.
Orka: (off-screen) arrgghh!
Tonka is stunned and wobbles left and right with stars flying over his head.
Vir: (off-screen) hey watch my special. I call it-
Aceas jumps to the leftmost edge of the screen and swings his sword, which fires out energy blades much how Link does so in the Legend of Zelda. Tonka is struck and falls to the ground as the word “FATAL ACIDENT!” pops on screen.
Vir: (off-screen) VIC-TORY! YEAH! YEAH!
Aceas strikes a pose as Tonka lies unconscious. The game announces “ACEAS WINS!”
We now cut to a wide angle shot of Vir and Orka sat on a couch holding the game controllers. Orka throws a tantrum as Vir does a Numa Numa celebration dance. Orkabounces over to the console and proceeds to smash it in to pieces.
Vir: Orka!
Orka: struck by my own lightning! Come on!
Vir: this is why we only play single player games.
Orka: ah, who cares? The game was broken anyway Vir.
Vir: it was not! You just suck at beat ’em ups.
Orka: I’ll beat you up!
Vir: oh, yeah! Yeah!
Orka: you wanna fistful of fives?
Orka raises his clenched fist.
Vir: you don’t even have a fistful of fives, you only have four fingers.
Orka: exactly! You have an unfair advantage over me in video games, I’m missing the finger that presses the A button.
Vir: pppfffttt. Why don’t we try a game that doesn’t need buttons? We can use the motion sensor Pee Pee remotes.
Orka: you’re on!
Vir and Orka rummage through their toy box in search of a game.
Duncan enters.
Duncan: Vir, Orka.
Vir: hullo, Duncan!
Duncan kneel s down beside Vir and Orka.
Duncan: what are you two up to today?
Duncan picks up a baseball bat from the toy box.
Duncan: baseball?
Duncan picks up a kite.
Duncan: or perhaps kite flying.
Vir: nah ah.
Duncan picks up a basketball.
Duncan: basketball?
Orka: nope.
Duncan picks up a fishing rod.
Duncan: fishing?
Vir: no way.
Duncan holds up a snowboard.
Duncan: snowboarding?
Orka: not today.
Duncan: then what are you doing today?
Vir: we’re gonna play Supah Summer Sports Resort.
Duncan: in here?!
Vir: yeah! Yeah!
Duncan: how?
Orka: through the science of the Pee Pee Entertainment System!
Orka holds up a tiny white box. Duncan leans down to take a closer look. He then shoots Virand Orka a quizzical look.
Duncan: this tiny box allows you to play games?
Orka: that’s right Duncan. We can do boxing, racing, long jumping and swimming all on one disc.
Vir: that’s not all, we can even do skydiving!
Duncan: skydiving?!
Orka: skydiving, yeah it’s like the first level.
Duncan: incredible. You must show me! Let’s go outside and see-
Vir: go outside?! No need, we can do it all in here.
Duncan: that’s madness. Skydiving in the living room?
Vir: let’s show him.
Orka: prepare to have your mind blown.
Duncan is sat on the couch with a stunned look on his face as Vir and Orka stand in front of the TV moving their arms back and forth.
Vir: yes!!!!!!! I wins again.
Orka: no fair!
Vir: what do you think Duncan, pretty amazing huh?
Duncan: that was…
Vir and Orka shoot up anxious to hear Duncan’s opinion.
Duncan: the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed.
Vir and Orka slump down in disappointment.
Duncan: that wasn’t boxing or racing, and it most certainly wasn’t skydiving. You two should be outside punching each other for real. I mean look at your guts.
Duncan pokes Vir and Orka’s bellies which jiggle.
Duncan: some sun light and fresh air would do you two good.
Duncan picks up Vir and Orka and throws them out of the window. 
Vir and Orka bounce along the street like a ball making squeaking noises as they hit the floor.
Duncan: here! If you’re stuck for ideas use this.
Duncan throws a ball at Vir and Orka. The ball hits Vir’s horn and deflates over his head.Duncan looks on embarrassed.
Vir: what are we gonna do Orka? I don’t wanna play on the streets. We might get hit by a car or a horse or worse A DRAGON!
Orka: don’t be ridiculous. You don’t get dragons in this kinda neighborhood. And we ain’t gonna be playing on no streets or baseball.
Vir: then where and what are we gonna play?
Orka: we’re still gonna play Supah Rumble Brothers. And we’re still gonna be out of the living room.
Vir: how?!
Cut to a low angle shot of a building with neon lights spelling out “ARCADE”. Vir stands with his mouth open and his eyes glistening. Orka is poised and composed as he strokes his claws against his chest fur.
Orka: yes sir, if you want the best video gaming has to offer then 64 Bit Street is the place to be at.
The street is littered with pixels, floating boxes and battle menus.
Vir: we gotta go inside!
 Vir runs towards the arcade entrance but there is a puddle in front of him. Rather than jumping over the puddle he steps in to it; and explodes in a similar fashion to how Mega-man dies in the games. 
Orka: what was THAT?!
Vir: you can’t touch the water it kills you.
Orka: what?! That’s impossible, what do they do if it rains?
Vir: no look, see.
Vir runs back in to the puddle and once again explodes before being re-spawned next toOrka.
Vir: I told you.
Orka: maybe only you humans can’t touch the water. But I’m Orka the blue ocean demon! I rule the waters!
Orka arrogantly jumps in to the water and explodes just like Vir. He re-spawns next to Virwith a vexed expression.
Orka: this is ridiculous!
Vir: is that a bat?
A tiny bat swoops past Vir and Orka exploding each of them as it makes physical contact.

Orka: (as he explodes.) come on!
Vir and Orka are within the arcade playing on a retro arcade machine.
Vir: who knew you had to use a password to get past that puddle level.
Vir and Orka are playing the same 2D fighting game as before, when a large muscular man decked out in blue spandex and armour notices them.
Captain Tron-man: hey, good choice.
Vir and Orka ignore Captain Tron-man, the only noise they make are grunts as they play their game.
Captain Tron-man: who you guys playing as?
Vir and Orka don’t answer only concentrating on the game
Captain Tron-man: Tonka, he’s terrible only a complete noob would wanna use him…Aceas! A baby could win using him, he’s the most overpowered character in the game; he requires no skill or talent at all. Just hold down the B button and you’ve won.
Vir takes Captain Tron-man’s advice and spams the B button, and just as Captain Tron-manpredicted he wins the fight.
Vir: ha! It worked.
Orka: again?! Seriously?!
Captain Tron-man: well-deserved victory little man. But as I said before Aceas may be the strongest character but he demands nothing from the gamer.
Vir: what?
Captain Tron-man: in other words he plays the player. You wanna be a real Supah Rumble Brothers champion then you must resist the urge to play as him.
Vir: but he’s the best character, why would I wanna play as anybody else and he has a sword.
Captain Tron-man: ahh, youth of today all they wanna do is kill each other with swords. Listen, you wanna be a true master of Supah Rumble Brothers then there is only one character to play as.
Vir: who?
We return to the character select screen where we see the cursor highlighting Captain Tron-man’s box.
Vir: (off-screen) that’s you!

The battle stage loads and we see Captain Tron-man in all his 16-bit glory. Orka is once again playing as Tonka. Captain Tron-man fights like a pugilist and throws incredibly short punches,Tonka effortless defeats him in a matter of moments.

Vir: aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
Orka laughs maniacally.
Vir: what was that? You suck eggs!
Captain Tron-man: hey, you were the one in control.
Vir: forget this Orka I’m gonna play The Legend of Aceas, where you have no choice but to play as Aceas.
Vir and Orka move away from the arcade machine and head towards one of the other machines. 
Captain Tron-man steps in front of them blocking their path.
Captain Tron-man: wait. Wouldn’t you two rather play a different game?
Vir: no.
Orka: yes.
Captain Tron-man presents Vir and Orka with a game.
Captain Tron-man: Captain Tron-man!
Vir: they gave YOU your own game?!
Captain Tron-man: they gave me eight, plus spin-offs.
Orka holds up the game case and inspects it.
Orka: box art is kinda deceiving.
Orka holds up the box towards the screen, where a close up shot shows us an illustration similar to that; of the North American Mega-Man box art.
Vir: no way! I’m out. Orka likes playing as lame characters.
Orka: I’d rather play as the Dexter the Car Salesmen, and all you do in that game is meet your quota!
Vir and Orka walk away from Captain Tron-man, who leers at the two as they walk with their backs to him.
Vir and Orka are now at a different arcade machine playing The Legend of Aceas which shares a similar aesthetic to A Link to the Past. Vir is happily playing when the games switches to the Captain Tron-man 8 select screen.
Vir: hey! What’s going on?!
Captain Tron-man pokes his head out from behind the arcade machine with a devious grin.
Orka: oh, it’s this loser again.
Captain Tron-man: well it’s already on, you guys might as well give it a try.
Vir: N.O. Spells no!
Orka: I think we should actually play outside now.
Vir: yeah! Yeah!
Vir and Orka exit.
Vir and Orka are walking along the streets when Captain Tron-man appears right behind them. The two break in to a run and Captain Tron-man gives chase.
Vir: stranger danger! Stranger danger!
Captain Tron-man is sat at a round table drinking coffee as he explains his dilemma to Duncan.
Captain Tron-man: I used to be an international star. I had my own Saturday morning cartoon show, you remember that?
Duncan struggles to remember the era Captain Tron-man is referring to; the only memories he can conjure up and we can hear are those of battles and cries of pain. We zoom in on Duncan’s haunting blank expression.
Duncan: nope.
Captain Tron-man: it’s these new video games. Kids are spoilt nowadays. I remember when they used to be happy with me jumping over a really high ledge. Now all they wanna do is shoot at each other on their Call of Responsibility.
Duncan: what do you want from them?
Captain Tron-man: I just want them to want to remember me! I want them to play my games; I’m feeling less and less relevant each day. Aceas doesn’t have that problem! Everybody want to play as Aceas! I hate Aceas!
Duncan: well, you gotta remember he was a historical figure and you’re a pop culture icon. It’s the natural progression that some figures are replaced in popular culture.
Captain Tron-man: I suppose you’re right, I really am past my prime. I guess I just wanted to be idolised again.
Duncan: hey as long as one person still remembers you, that’s more than enough.
Captain Tron-man smiles as he stands up and heads for the door.
Captain Tron-man: maybe you’re right Duncan…if only such a person existed.
Duncan: oh, and Captain Tron-man…
Captain Tron-man: yes.
Duncan: stay away from children.
Captain Tron-man: so they keep telling me.
Vir and Orka are hiding behind a set of trash cans.
Vir: is he still following us?
Orka: actually I think we’re following him now. This is where he lives.
Captain Tron-man comes in to view about to put his key through the door when his name is called out from above by his landlord; Mr. Frog a hand puppet wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
Mr. Frog: yo! Tron-hole! Where’s this week’s rent? And last weeks, and the week before that.
Captain Tron-man: I’ll have it. I just need a little more time.
Mr. Frog: and I just need a little more patience.
Captain Tron-man: you have plenty of patience Mr. Frog.
Mr. Frog: oh, really? Would a patient man do this?
Mr. Frog proceeds to pour cloths out the window. He laughs maniacally as the clothes fall on top of 
Captain Tron-man. He walks away although Mr. Frog can still be heard in the distance.
Mr. Frog: you have been evicted!
Mr. Frog laughs.
Mr. Frog: oh, those are my clothes.
Vir and Orka are still hidden behind the trash cans, wearing an expression of pity.
Captain Tron-man is back inside the arcade sulking as he plays Supah Rumble Brothers, Vir and 
Orka then suddenly pop up beside him.
Vir: mind if we play?
Captain Tron-man is speechless.
Orka: who you gonna play as Vir?
Vir: who else.
The character select screen comes in to shot and we see Vir choose Captain Tron-man.Captain Tron-man is so touched by this gesture his eyes begin to swell with tears.
Captain Tron-man: thank you.
The character select screen is shown again and we see Captain Tron-man’s choice of character which is none other than Aceas. Vir shoots him a crossed look.
Captain Tron-man: what? He has a sword.