This like most stories is about a boy and a girl,
Its about quite a few in fact.
Our story begins in paradise
But it’s abstract affair
Is akin to a nightmare.
Rainfall is all that greets the island
With two peaks.
Fish by the boat load is all those who visit crave above all.
Where its sand was once white and all effulgent
 Its now a sorry sight with violent waves abundant.
It is here and now where a young boy finds solace in the forest,
Kept at bay from joy by his peers that torment in chorus.
An extrovert forced into the role of an introvert,
The boy’s nature is to venture.
Turning the palm tress in to climbing frames,
And making the animals take part in his fun and games.
What was once a quite existence,
Must one day become a pursuit for the truth
 spanning across an unordinary distance  
The only fuel; persistence.