The boy waits under a star, watching it in awe
To him it’s not far.
He can feel her warmth on his skin
Because of her he’ll always find north.
His guardian The Fishermen calls out to him;
He says “It’s past your bedtime little champion.”
The boy never sleeps with ease he’ll take any measure 
Just to stay awake awhile longer.
But the boy can barely keep his eyes open. 
So The Fishermen carefully lays him in his hammock.
But the boy is as restless as an ocean wave. 
“I wanna stay awake!” He pleads.
“Why not stay awake in your dreams?” replies The Fishermen.
The boy tells him he can’t,
Streams of darkness are the only surprise
When he closes his eyes. 
The Fishermen old and wise
Takes pity on the boy,
For he can never see the wonders
Which flowers from deep within his mind.
If the boy cannot dream in his sleep 
Then The Fishermen shall tell him a tale;
So that he may while awake. 
The tale of a knight The Hero 
Who did not fight for a king ,
But for the sake of others.
He was clad in colours of red and gold,
Biting evil’s hand in every corner of the land. 
It captured the boy’s imagination,
Becoming his desired vocation.
The Fishermen wished him well,
And watched him drift into an empty shell.
But The Fishermen could tell, 
That the boy’s dream was merely lost,
And would only need to be found.