The line is blurred between the morning and night

No warning for when tomorrow may come.

The only light you see is the invite for sorrow,

The only colour you know is snow.

The dream is never the same,

In it you endeavour the nightmare.

The ones you knew never stay,

Their remembrance your shackle,

You choose to stray,

Numb to condolence.  

To live is to win;

You’ve no kin.

The only solace is in solitude.

Safety is not a number,

It’s you.

Only you can watch over yourself while you slumber.

Only you can stop the hunger burned in to your stomach like a dagger.

Only you can follow the road away from the aching cries

Only you deserve to wallow,

As you disguise the pain you feel,

By locking away your eyes.

The person you can’t see before you isn’t real,

The two of you aren’t brothers or sisters;

We’re nothing more than strangers.