Light bends, blinds and surrounds
She washes her glow over every kingdom
Her reach knows no bounds
She breaks through every window, 
Cracks through every wall 
And slips through every door.
She wakes you from your pillow,
Moulding your eyes as she sends away the squall
Her devotion is more than you can ever ask for.
She wants nothing more than to glisten on a stream 
To be that sparkle in the corner of your eye
The final glimmer before you dream.
But for all she gives, it’s never her own story
You never ask about the girl in white
With hair so bright it blazes with glory.
Hymns of ancient tragedy 
Could never compare to her agony.  
She stands in the middle of your space
Witnessing your coming and going
Weaving like the winds through your mornings, days and nights
She knows every face; she’s been to every place. 
It’s a journey she can never share
For the pain of her plight is too much to bear.
But she’s now become numb to the sorrow,
Waiting for the fire that will bring her
Her own tomorrow.