His eyes look down at you
You who hath built his kingdom 
You, the pillar holding the roof over his head. 
He, who has only ever know freedom
He, whose greatest achievement is the same as his father’s
Their lineage.
We served.
We carried their weight, their debt, their burden, 
We gave more than what they ever deserved.
They have stolen from us, lied to us, preached to us
While we buried our face in to the fire
All for whatever they desire.
But now you are going to kill the King.
There would be no justice in his incarceration.
It would be better to sever his head and take everything, 
You can do this without any hesitation. 
The skin passes through the blade like hot bubbles,
He’s neck spills a fiery gold, 
His bowels release precious gems, fine diamonds and sapphire rubble. 
Sink in to the throne, marvel at it’s size
before you look it to the eyes of the head you hold.