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Space Lion Sexual Health Consultant to Silvio Berlusconi

Glitch People – S2 E2: Bargain Bucket Bastards A series of thefts from Professor Henry Hawthorne’s Museum, spurs the academic to take action into his own hands. Little does he know, the perpetrator may be a friend. Remember to hate, bitch and forget to subscribe. And fuck you for watching.


Directed by Daniele Russo and Sean Johansen | Special Guest Director Musa Mal Sija | Edited by Sean Johansen | Post Editing by Edward Amoah | Produced by Edward Amoah and Musa Mal Sija | Written by Daniele Russo and Sean Johansen | Additional material performed by the cast


Don Devitt, Benson – Daniele Russo Professor Henry Hawthorne, Colin – Sean Johansen Abu – Musa Mal Sija All music and stock footage is royalty free, and used in accordance with the fair usage policy act, and are properties of their respective owners. Any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle.

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