The boy waits under a star, watching it in awe
To him it’s not far.
He can feel her warmth on his skin
Because of her he’ll always find north.
His guardian The Fishermen calls out to him;
He says “It’s past your bedtime little champion.”
The boy never sleeps with ease he’ll take any measure 
Just to stay awake awhile longer.
But the boy can barely keep his eyes open. 
So The Fishermen carefully lays him in his hammock.
But the boy is as restless as an ocean wave. 
“I wanna stay awake!” He pleads.
“Why not stay awake in your dreams?” replies The Fishermen.
The boy tells him he can’t,
Streams of darkness are the only surprise
When he closes his eyes. 
The Fishermen old and wise
Takes pity on the boy,
For he can never see the wonders
Which flowers from deep within his mind.
If the boy cannot dream in his sleep 
Then The Fishermen shall tell him a tale;
So that he may while awake. 
The tale of a knight The Hero 
Who did not fight for a king ,
But for the sake of others.
He was clad in colours of red and gold,
Biting evil’s hand in every corner of the land. 
It captured the boy’s imagination,
Becoming his desired vocation.
The Fishermen wished him well,
And watched him drift into an empty shell.
But The Fishermen could tell, 
That the boy’s dream was merely lost,
And would only need to be found.



The line is blurred between the morning and night

No warning for when tomorrow may come.

The only light you see is the invite for sorrow,

The only colour you know is snow.

The dream is never the same,

In it you endeavour the nightmare.

The ones you knew never stay,

Their remembrance your shackle,

You choose to stray,

Numb to condolence.  

To live is to win;

You’ve no kin.

The only solace is in solitude.

Safety is not a number,

It’s you.

Only you can watch over yourself while you slumber.

Only you can stop the hunger burned in to your stomach like a dagger.

Only you can follow the road away from the aching cries

Only you deserve to wallow,

As you disguise the pain you feel,

By locking away your eyes.

The person you can’t see before you isn’t real,

The two of you aren’t brothers or sisters;

We’re nothing more than strangers.



This like most stories is about a boy and a girl,
Its about quite a few in fact.
Our story begins in paradise
But it’s abstract affair
Is akin to a nightmare.
Rainfall is all that greets the island
With two peaks.
Fish by the boat load is all those who visit crave above all.
Where its sand was once white and all effulgent
 Its now a sorry sight with violent waves abundant.
It is here and now where a young boy finds solace in the forest,
Kept at bay from joy by his peers that torment in chorus.
An extrovert forced into the role of an introvert,
The boy’s nature is to venture.
Turning the palm tress in to climbing frames,
And making the animals take part in his fun and games.
What was once a quite existence,
Must one day become a pursuit for the truth
 spanning across an unordinary distance  
The only fuel; persistence. 


Light bends, blinds and surrounds
She washes her glow over every kingdom
Her reach knows no bounds
She breaks through every window, 
Cracks through every wall 
And slips through every door.
She wakes you from your pillow,
Moulding your eyes as she sends away the squall
Her devotion is more than you can ever ask for.
She wants nothing more than to glisten on a stream 
To be that sparkle in the corner of your eye
The final glimmer before you dream.
But for all she gives, it’s never her own story
You never ask about the girl in white
With hair so bright it blazes with glory.
Hymns of ancient tragedy 
Could never compare to her agony.  
She stands in the middle of your space
Witnessing your coming and going
Weaving like the winds through your mornings, days and nights
She knows every face; she’s been to every place. 
It’s a journey she can never share
For the pain of her plight is too much to bear.
But she’s now become numb to the sorrow,
Waiting for the fire that will bring her
Her own tomorrow.


I was stood on the corner of the street
Stalking my client’s husband like death.
The night was cold,
The kind of cold where you can see your own breath.
eA white fog pouring out our mouth
disguising our words.
Seems like everything in life is hidden by something else
A wall, a mist, a hat, a face
Maybe that’s the one truth we know about ourselves,
Our nature is to lie.

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His eyes look down at you
You who hath built his kingdom 
You, the pillar holding the roof over his head. 
He, who has only ever know freedom
He, whose greatest achievement is the same as his father’s
Their lineage.
We served.
We carried their weight, their debt, their burden, 
We gave more than what they ever deserved.
They have stolen from us, lied to us, preached to us
While we buried our face in to the fire
All for whatever they desire.
But now you are going to kill the King.
There would be no justice in his incarceration.
It would be better to sever his head and take everything, 
You can do this without any hesitation. 
The skin passes through the blade like hot bubbles,
He’s neck spills a fiery gold, 
His bowels release precious gems, fine diamonds and sapphire rubble. 
Sink in to the throne, marvel at it’s size
before you look it to the eyes of the head you hold. 


I was sat at the bar, like I usually would.
Pouring in my regrets like scotch,
Blowing away my worries like smoke
Etching my name in the caramel fudge table.

That’s when she came in
Stealing the light in the room,

Shining it in my face like a bad cop.
Her face porcelain, her eyes emerald
Her hair …well her hair
A color I’d never seen.
The lighting was dim
So I don’t know what it could have been
But take my word, she was fine.
She sat like a cat in a fish market,
I stared like a bear in a steam room. 

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