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Dear Viewer,

You know you go about life with a certain rhythm, you start performing this rhythm so often it becomes second nature. Then you start going on auto pilot. You wake up, get ready for work, wave your spouse and child goodbye. At work you do what you’re supposed to, you drink your coffee, go on Facebook, eat a panini. Then you come home, eat your gluten free Couscous, kiss your loved ones good night and drift to sleep. When you wake up, you begin the whole process again, and again, and again. But. Sometimes, something different happens. Yeah. Sometimes, something, comes along and disturbs your rhythm. You’re there laying in bed, content with your ignorant existence. You think everything is okay, you think your lover and child is safe and everything’s good. Then you wake up the next day and everything is on fire. We are that fire.

Worst Regards,

Space Lion
The face that runs the place

Glitch People – Episode 4 – Time to Eat

Footsteps has captured Larry and is beginning the young man’s indoctrination. Meanwhile our heroes Harper and Hector come closer to unraveling the truth. Will what they discover ask more questions than it answers… of course!

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Directed by Space Lion | Special Guest Director Musa Mal Sija | Edited by Sean Johansen | Produced by Edward Amoah | Written by Daniele Russo, Sean Johansen, Savas Constantine and Edward Amoah | Additional material performed by the cast


Harper, Footsteps, Hans – Daniele Russo

Hector, Charlie Brown – Sean Johansen

Larry Goldberg, Zoning Commissioner – Savas Constantine

All music and stock footage is royalty free, and used in accordance with the fair usage policy act, and are properties of their respective owners.

Any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle.

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