Memoirs of the Tried and Failed… and Try Again

(Disclaimer, this is a work of fiction not my actual memoirs)

I’m gonna now tell you about one of the worst weekends I’ve ever had the fortune of experiencing. It starts in early July 2015, on a Friday night. I’d done pretty well that week, I managed to make it to Friday without any incidents. That’s what we call progress people, I know I haven’t given you the reader (the one and only reader) much back story to myself nor the origin of my black dog; and that’s cause I can’t pin point it. Think of me like this; a very ugly portrait. There wasn’t one lonely stroke that painted the entire picture, it takes many stabs and dashes of the brush. Two people can stare at it for several hours and each see different things.

First Person: it looks like an amalgam of refuse and various unsanitary objects.

Second Person: no, I’d say its a mountain of fecal matter, each piece piled upon the other in order to make the shape of a man.

I know it’s not exactly great writing on my part, to just be introduced to someone in the sea of life, without any explanation as to why he’s drifting towards the shores of death. Oh, no wait… that’s what every fucking story does. I mean if everyone else does it that means it must be correct, right? Cause that’s what society teaches us; just do what everybody else is doing and you’ll be fine. See that way of thinking never sat well with me, so instead I did the complete opposite; which is how we arrive to one late night Friday in July.

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Farewell Blogger

This is my first real post on my new site, I had previously been using Blogger but as I grow and change so must my home. While I close the door on my old house with a smile, I open the doors of the Space Lion’s Den with an even bigger one. This is not just a post, it’s a promise. A promise of better offerings, better quality and a better Space Lion.

Let us begin our new journey…