This free verse poem takes it’s inspiration from the epic poems of old legend such as Beowolf, Gilgamesh and The Odyssey. Vir + Light like most stories is about a boy and a girl, only the girl is a statue and the boy; a dreamer of the highest caliber. Awake she cannot breath, cannot move, cannot see, but asleep within the landscape that is the boy’s dream she is the very embodiment of life and light. The beauty insists she is real and not a conjuring of the boy’s fantasies. Together they will unravel the mysteries of the dream.
Now I’ll warn you in advance there’s nothing inspiring or intelligent in here… reading these memoirs is equivalent to having a tape worm inside your skull feeding on your brain cells, if you think you can handle that kind of retardation then you’re in the right place. These memoirs chronicle the bad decisions of a man holding on to the tight rope of life by the strand, as he dangles over his inevitable and pathetic death.
These poems are an expression, an expression of certain emotions like defiance and desertion. They’re also an extension of my imagination, I choose my words with honesty.
Walter Scott was a loser in life but in death he found a purpose. As the Devil’s substitute; and oddly enough his duties include saving souls from Hell.